Enjoy the Holy Week in Amorgos, with celebrations culminating in Easter Weekend.

In the afternoon of Holy Friday, all the roads in the villages from where the Epitaph procession is going to pass, are groomed with freshly chopped sage and oregano, creating a stimulating atmosphere.

During the evening of the Epitaph procession, the entire coastline of Katapola is filled with hundreds of little fires, lit in small metal containers, while the boats in the sea accompany the procession with torches of fire.

The service of Holy Friday at the monastery of Chozoviotissa is a unique experience. It starts early in the morning, with a lunch break for the guests, consisting of tahini soup and bread homemade by the monks, and continues with the Epitaph procession, in the arid landscape just below Chora.

On Holy Saturday, you have the opportunity to take part in the Holy Mystery of the Resurrection and enjoy the colorful fireworks in the night sky of Katapola.

Easter in Amorgos doesn’t end on Sunday with the spit-roasted kid goat, the celebration continues…

On Easter Day (Sunday), the holy icons are being taken out of the monastery of Chozoviotissa and the Consecration of the island begins.

The icons of Panagia Chozoviotissa and St. George Balsamitis are being transported in Chora and in the next few days are being taken to Katapola.

Finally, on St. Thomas Sunday the icons are being returned to the monastery of Chozoviotissa.