11th of June, Katapola

depending on the weather forecast, so that people can be transferred there by the fishing boats, there is the celebration of the Holy Trinity church (Agia Triada), which adorns the islet Petalidi just outside the bay of Katapola. After the service, people have the chance to taste the traditional food savori (fried mackerel with rosemary), while drinking the local wine. 

24th of June, Xylokeratidi, Chora

the Feast of St. John Klidonas, at the summer solstice, is accompanied by the traditional custom of jumping over the fire in Xylokeratidi and Chora.

1st of July, Tholaria

Agion Anargiron in Tholaria, food and wine are offered.

25th of July, Katapola

The psimeni raki festival in Katapola, psimeni raki is offered.

25th of July, Kato Meria 

the Feast of Agia Paraskevi, in Kato Meria, food and wine are offered.

6th of August in Chora

Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, food and wine are offered.

14th of August, Aegiali 

the Feast of Epanochoriani in Aegiali, food and wine are offered.

15th of August, Katapola

the Procession of the Icon of Panagia (Vergin) Katapoliani, in the harbour of Katapola, food and wine are offered.

22nd of August, Chora

the sesame seed candy (pasteli) festival in Chora, where you can see the preparation and taste the unique pasteli.

14th of September, Aegialli

the Feast of the Cross in Aegiali, food and wine are offered.

26th of September and 8th of May, Aegeali 

the Feast of Theologos in Aegiali, food and wine are offered.

21st of November, Chora

at the Monastery of Chozoviotissa, food and wine are offered

Last Sunday of the Carnival

The custom of the Captain in Aegiali, on Tyrinis Sunday, which is the last Sunday of the Carnival. In Lagkada as well as in Tholaria, revives the custom of the Captain with plenty of food and wine.